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My name is Max and I love football! Ever since my Dad took me to my first game at Gresty Road just under 20 years ago, I’ve been hooked. In life, I can’t think of many things better than getting up early on a Saturday, and whether it’s by foot, car or train, making the journey to a game of football. The beers on the train, the pubs in towns you never knew existed, and of course the beauty and diversity of every new ground I see.

Now after reading this you may be wondering why this is ‘Emma’s Ground guide’. Well as much as I love all things football, it’s never half as fun going alone. My girlfriend Emma has never really been into football, but the more I dragged her along the more interested she has become. For her the enjoyment comes not so much from the game itself, but the day out and the different quirks and encounters we come across during the day. This gave me an idea…

I’ve seen tens if not hundreds of different styles of blog retelling the stories and action from games and grounds all over the country. I really enjoy reading these and finding out about new grounds but I thought of a different angle that I haven’t seen covered before. Together we have come up with 5 categories through which to rate each ground we visit.

Our 5 Ground ratings

Location: How near is the ground to the town centre/train station or a pub

Kit: One of the most important factors according to Emma…How good is the home teams kit.

Facilities: How good the Clubhouse/bar/ concourse area is

Look: How the ground looks and Emma’s first impression

Food & Drink: Whether from the ground itself or a burger van near by…a very important part of the day

To see the grounds we have visited so far click here: LEAGUE TABLE

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